British-American Actress Minette Driver Tears into Trump Supporters, Calls for Jail Time


Minette Driver, a British-American actress, stirred controversy in an interview with The Times of London, where she leveled scathing criticisms against former US President Donald Trump and his supporters.

In the interview, Driver described Trump’s supporters as individuals who “really quite like a bit of a racist attitude and non-existent immigration policies and dismantling the environmental agencies.” She further suggested that the tens of millions of people who backed Trump were not created by him, but were rather a symptom of a deeper problem that preceded his presidency.

Driver, who became a US citizen in 2017, emphasized that she believes Trump belongs behind bars. “Of course he deserves to be in prison – of course he does,” she stated. Her remarks on the matter were underscored by the staggering amount of money Trump had raised in a 48-hour period – $53 million – which, in her opinion, highlights the judiciary’s failure to address the issue of electing a felon as president.

When queried about the possibility of living in the United States again if Trump were to regain office, Driver unequivocally responded that she would not consider relocating to a red state. This declaration suggests that her distaste for the outgoing president and his supporters has reached an apex.

Driver’s criticism of Trump and his family is not new, having aired her grievances on numerous occasions. In 2019, she lent her voice to a dramatic reading of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, hoping it would provide evidence of Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia. Furthermore, following a controversial remark by comedian Samantha Bee, Driver deemed Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, beneath even the scathing slur hurled in her direction.

David Ng
David Ng
Senior reporter covering media, entertainment, and corporate America. Previously, David was with the Los Angeles Times for 12 years, providing comprehensive coverage of the entertainment industry, including investigative pieces on some of LA’s landmark cultural institutions.

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