Brit Hume: No one is saying Biden is fit to be president again


Fox News chief political analyst Brit Hume comments on former President Trump’s criminal trial and reacts to President Biden’s campaign event in Philadelphia.

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  1. Joe Biden appears to be consumed with Alheimers. His mind is badly damaged. His ability to communicate complete thoughts is gone. He has issues with walking and does not try to control his bowel functions, so he must wear a diaper, be changed and cleaned up by others. Biden is not mentally or physically fit to carry out the duties as President of the United States.

  2. Biden is a creep. He lies over and over stirring the pot of hatred. He is using race once again to create division in our country. He speech is hateful and arrogant, like he knows everything all the while destroying our lives with his insane rhetoric and actions.

  3. Anyone who thinks the riots of summer 2020 were "mostly peaceful" is either lying or DELUDED. This country practically burned to the GROUND thanks to democrats burning their own cities. The democrats must find SOMETHING besides "Orange-Man-Bad" as their campaign strategy this time around… simply spreading fear over Trump isn't going to work. If you disagree, PLEASE tell me how it WILL…

  4. Peaceful protest to George Floyd incident? What is this man smoking? Is he on crack? The riots were violent and many all over the country. What a complete liar and moron. Well we should know he's a plagiarist so I expect him to be a liar too.

  5. Biden may well be to old and getting a bit slow but at least he is honest and not a convicted "grapist" and criminal fraudster who attempted to overthrow democracy to become a dictator 🤫😜

  6. But Biden is not president, Obama is, Obama is running things in his third term, Biden is just a prop. That’s why the hyena Harris is VP, that’s Obama’s pick for VP not Biden.
    Remember Obama was backing Harris during the primaries not Biden.

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