Brian Kilmeade: We have a country without a functioning president


‘One Nation’ host Brian Kilmeade analyzes President Biden’s performance and claims he’s never been ‘good enough’ to be commander-in-chief.

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  1. He's exhausted, then why is he president if he can't handle the job. You want a president who doesn't get exhausted and someone is on the ball all the time. No do not disturb after 8pm as he's tired. The world stops for no-one and that includes a president who is meant to be in charge and running the country.

  2. 15 may โ€œ"Donald Trump lost two debates to me in 2020. Since then, he hasn't shown up for a debate," Biden said in a video message his campaign posted to social media. "Now he's acting like he wants to debate me again. Well, make my day, pal.". I guess trump made his day!

  3. As a white man I've voted red my whole life. But this time I have to vote for Biden. You see my wife is brown and my kids are neurodivergent. The hatred I have witnessed among fellow conservatives have shaken me to the core. The racists jokes about wanting to deport my family and the transphobic comments to my trans daughter have opened my eyes. I'm so old school that I barely even use the computer I'm usually too busy working to feed my family. I'm posting this under my sons account in hopes of waking up other conservatives to cold hard truth. The hatred we have created by electing Trump cannot happen again.

  4. What does Trump, Putin, and China have in common? They wish thier economy was as good as the United States. Trump what were you doing with Top Secret information stored in a unsecured facility? Tell the truth Trump you where and or is still trying to sellTop Secret information to the highest bidder because you lost all of your money. Bad businessmen.

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