Bret Baier: Biden is running against Trump and the Supreme Court


Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier reacts to President Biden’s speech on presidential immunity on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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  1. senile biden still trying to divide the country in hopes of getting votes. I hope people are getting tired of that old blabbing repeat puppet. Trump just needs to rest and play golf till the election

  2. Brett Baier is a joke, as is Britt Hume and Trey Gowdy. Trump had to run against Biden, corrupt intelligence agencies, corrupt judicial systems, corrupt media, global communists. Biden just got a decision that doesn't allow Trump to be jailed for 700 years.

  3. Someone should point out to Joe how he disobeys the SCOTUS when he doesn't get his own way. It's always politics with him. To the detriment of America. I don't believe he cares.

  4. Demokrauts are complaining now, but will use the immunity next year, when it is discovered that the White House have actually ordered the DAs in Georgia and New York to start the prosecution on dates that forced the adversary into bench during the campaign.
    The only problem is that Bidets ignorance unleashed inflation onto the economy, the Iranians started a war on Israel using Hamas and Hezbolah and allowed Putin try to annex Ukraine.

  5. More than half of this country wants to vote for Donald Trump. However the ruling in the supreme Court for presidential immunity is going to benefit Joe Biden he's still the president of the United States and he is going to use this to his advantage

  6. Biden has felt free to ignore the law during the last 4 yrs. Now he’s angry because SCOTUS didn’t go along with his bogus claims against a political opponent. Biden is pathetic. But that’s just me. Trump 2024!

  7. I addition to Biden being mentally incompetent, Biden has ignored the law for decades. His LLCs provide no service business nor product business. They are simply money laundering operations providing cash to the Biden family crime syndicate.

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