Brace Yourselves: Former ICE Director Warns Americans of Impending Threat


Former acting ICE director Tom Homan joins ‘Fox News Live’ to weigh in on an alarming new report that terrorist concerns at the southern border are at an all-time high.

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  1. How come Kamala gets to hide?She is in dereliction of her duty.This is a chargeable offense.Trump better hit the ground running by firing everyone on the first day and charging them.America matters.

  2. A electrical substation near a military base was taken the base lost power for weeks yah get ready something is coming unfortunately Biden let millions of immigrants in!

  3. Lacking the ability to see this OUTCOMe is THE result of their actions.

    Maybe this SHOWs US… what tRUMp and rEPUBLICANs meant…

    WHEN THEY SAId " MAke America great again."

    Really, wants us to be like the third world countries.

  4. Of course something coming an attack on our soil and probably around the election time. The democrats want to control everything and when it happens then they will try to stop the election or delay it and don’t be surprised if they are behind planing it

  5. Stop voting Democrats and lefties for God sake they are representative of lefties Universal and they hate patriotic call beautiful life and families they just need chaos chaos

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