Billie Jean King Nominated for Congressional Gold Medal as Equality Champion


On Wednesday, tennis legend and former world No. 1 Billie Jean King met with Capitol Hill lawmakers to discuss a bill proposing that she be honored with the Congressional Gold Medal. This bipartisan, initiated by Representatives Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) and Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) in March, highlights King’s significant contributions to sports and society, particularly in advocating for gender equality and her pivotal role in the enactment of Title IX.

Representative Fitzpatrick praised King’s relentless pursuit of equality for women in sports, emphasizing status as an influential who has not only champion the cause of female athletes but also inspired future generations to fight for justice and equity. “Billie Jean King is a trailblazing figure whose achievements on and off the tennis court have made her a symbol of courage, perseverance, and equality,” Fitzpatrick commented to Truth Voices. The discussion with King led by Fitzpatrick and Sherrill was described as a homage to her lasting impact and continued leadership in advocating for equal rights.

In 2009, King was the first female athlete to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, underlining her monumental influence in sports and beyond. Fitzpatrick highlighted that by potentially awarding her the Congressional Gold Medal, King would once again break new ground as the first woman athlete to receive this high civilian honor in the United States, further solidifying her role as a pioneering figure.

The Congressional Gold Medal has been bestowed upon other notable athletes such as Jackie Robinson, Jesse Owens, and Roberto Clemente, among others, recognizing their exceptional contributions and societal impact. With the Senate recently passing a version of the bill to award King the Congressional Gold Medal, it underscores the broad support for recognizing King’s lifelong dedication to breaking down barriers and fostering equality.

Heather Hamilton
Heather Hamilton
Trending News Editor. Heather began her career in local news, covering politics, sports, religion, and entertainment beats for several broadcast affiliates.

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