Bill Maher Says Trump’s Humor is a Winning Strategy


Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher criticized President Joe Biden, stating he “presents as old and ancient,” while acknowledging the appeal former President Donald Trump’s humor has with voters.

During his appearance on Gutfeld!, Maher expressed his concern that Trump appears to be “winning” as the November presidential election approaches.

Host Greg Gutfeld suggested Maher was troubled by Trump’s apparent success, saying, “I think that is bothering you, Bill.”

“It is bothering me because again he is an insurrectionist who doesn’t believe in democracy,” Maher responded. “So, of course it bothers me. And of course he is also insane, and a criminal, and stupid.”

“What works for him,” Maher continued, “I mean look, he’s almost the same age as Biden, but Biden presents as old and ancient. That does not look old. He does not present as old.”

“It’s like KISS, he puts on the wig and the face paint and it’s 1976 all over again,” Maher joked.

Recent polling indicates Trump leading Biden in several swing states, including Arizona. Trump also leads by 14 percentage points in Nevada, 10 points in Georgia, 7 points in Michigan, and 3 points in Pennsylvania.

Heather Hamilton
Heather Hamilton
Trending News Editor. Heather began her career in local news, covering politics, sports, religion, and entertainment beats for several broadcast affiliates.

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