Biden’s Real Record: Meanness, Embellishments, and Smears Define His Political Career


Even as some Democrats attempt to push him out, they continue to laud President Joe Biden’s character, especially in contrast to Donald Trump. However, these praises often clash with reality. As mainstream media and increasing numbers of Democrats urge Biden to step aside, the Biden family, including his wife Dr. Jill and son Hunter, staunchly refuse to relinquish power. Yet, debates on MSNBC and CNN routinely highlight Biden’s purported greatness and inherent decency.

Claims of Biden’s administration being a success seem disconnected from the reality of an inflation-ridden economy, an open border, and global chaos. Despite this, Democrat partisans feel confident affirming Biden’s decency, contrasting him with Trump, whom they label as inherently evil. But the image of “Scranton Joe” as a nice guy is as flawed as the claims of his mental competence or leadership brilliance.

Biden’s career is marked by a persistent meanness and a tendency for embellishment, a combination that often leads to slander. This pattern extends even to personal tragedies, such as the 1972 accident that killed his first wife and daughter. For years, Biden falsely claimed the accident was caused by a drunk driver, tarnishing the reputation of Curtis Dunn, the innocent driver involved. It was, in fact, Neila Biden who was at fault and drove into the path of the tractor/trailer driven by Dunn, causing the collision. In 2008, Dunn’s daughter called on Biden to apologize and said he called to do so. But he never cleared the record on this smear in public.

Similarly, Biden’s behavior in another fatal accident involving his brother Frank demonstrates a lack of common decency. In 1999, Michael Albano was killed in a hit-and-run caused by a car Frank Biden rented. Despite the family’s pleas for help, Joe Biden offered no assistance, highlighting a disregard for those harmed by his family.

Biden’s public career also reveals instances of ruthless partisanship. His role in the smearing of Supreme Court nominees Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas exemplifies this. As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Biden orchestrated attacks on these men, sacrificing their reputations for political gain.

Biden’s treatment of Tara Reade, who accused him of sexual misconduct, further questions his character. While he advocates “believe all women” against his opponents, he dismisses Reade’s claims. Despite her credible accusations, she faced attacks due to Biden’s political standing and even had to defect to Moscow, telling state media that she felt “safe” in Russia and would seek citizenship there.

Biden’s debate performances against Trump reveal more about his character. He frequently repeats the false claim that Trump praised neo-Nazis at the 2017 Charlottesville rally, despite it being debunked by sources like Snopes. Biden also propagated the falsehood that Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Russian misinformation” during the 2020 debate.

In contrast, Trump, though criticized for his personal behavior, does not claim to be a paragon of virtue. In fact, he has enjoyed his “bad boy” reputation, and a lot of voters love him because of his candidness about his flaws. While Trump’s reputation as a virtuous figure is questionable, Biden’s image as a good guy is equally unfounded.

Jonathan S. Tobin
Jonathan S. Tobin
Senior Contributor. Jonathan S. Tobin is also the editor-in-chief of, and a columnist for Newsweek.

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