CBP Insider: Biden’s Executive Order Unlikely to Curb Migrant Surge


An insider from Customs and Border Protection has indicated that President Biden’s new executive order, signed on Tuesday, is unlikely to alter the influx of over 2 million migrant entries into the U.S. each year. The anonymous source, who is not authorized to speak officially, suggested that, even if court challenges from pro-migrant groups fail, the order will barely impact the current chaotic border situation.

The insider further mentioned that other “lawful pathways” introduced under the Biden administration have enabled nearly one million additional migrants to enter the country, often under the radar.

The source claimed that the order fails to address the daily count of 800 to 1,000 or more known migrant “got-aways” by the Border Patrol. Including these “lawful pathways,” illegal crossings below 2,500 per day, and migrants who evade capture, over 2 million individuals are projected to cross the border annually without facing the consequences defined in the new order.

“Some statements in the order are blatantly false,” the source remarked. “The order inaccurately attributes low migrant crossings in 2020 to Covid-related travel restrictions by other nations.”

“The reality is that stringent enforcement measures from the previous administration reduced crossings in 2020,” the source clarified. “Under Trump’s Title 42 COVID-19 mandate, we deported 3 million migrants who reached our borders, despite other countries being indifferent to the migrants heading to the U.S. illegally.”

“The number of planes available is limited, and the time required to prepare a migrant for removal to non-neighboring countries has increased due to the cancellation of policies from the Trump era,” the source added.

“If anything, the new order will likely direct more traffic to the CBP One application, keeping the border open while making the situation less visible to the public as the election year progresses,” the source concluded.

Randy Clark
Randy Clark
Author and Border Patrol Retiree.

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