Biden’s Iran Policy Sparks Concerns as Nuclear Program Surges


The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) released a troubling report last week detailing Iran’s rapid strides in its nuclear weapons program. This advancement is attributed to the Biden administration’s foreign policy shortcomings.

According to the IAEA’s May report, Iran’s enriched uranium stockpile has grown by 1,489.8 pounds since the agency’s last update in February. The nation now possesses 13,671.5 pounds of enriched uranium, far surpassing the 661 pounds limit set by the 2015 nuclear agreement. Notably, this stockpile includes 313.2 pounds of uranium enriched up to 60 percent.

“Around 42 kilograms (92.5 pounds) of uranium enriched to 60 percent is the amount at which creating one atomic weapon is theoretically possible — if the material is enriched further to weapons-grade levels of 90 percent,” according to Politico.

The IAEA’s recent report underscores the misplaced faith of the Obama/Biden administration in curtailing Iran’s nuclear ambitions through diplomatic efforts, revealing that Iran shows no intention of adhering to international agreements. It also indicates that Iran is on track to develop nuclear weapons sooner rather than later.

Additionally, Iran has barred the IAEA from thoroughly inspecting its nuclear program since September 2023. As a result, Iran’s actual stockpile of enriched uranium is probably higher than reported. Rafael Mariano Grossi, the IAEA chief, warned that Iran has enough enriched uranium to make “several” nuclear bombs.

Iran’s achievements in its nuclear program are in part due to the Biden administration’s policy shift. Iran’s economy was struggling under severe sanctions imposed by the Trump administration after the U.S. exited the 2015 nuclear deal. The “maximum pressure” strategy by Trump cost Iran at least $200 billion in oil revenue, forcing it to reduce military spending and aids to militant proxies. Middle Eastern political leaders widely approved of Trump’s approach as effective in curbing Iran’s aggression.

Policy of Appeasement

Upon taking office, Biden replaced Trump’s maximum pressure policy with a maximum appeasement strategy. Aiming to revive nuclear negotiations, the Biden administration frequently attempted to appease Iran, hoping a deal would enhance global safety. Consequently, Iran has reportedly made $100 billion from oil exports since Biden refused to enforce previous sanctions. Additionally, the administration allowed Iran access to $6 billion from unfrozen assets, naively believing these funds would serve solely humanitarian purposes.

Flush with cash, the Iranian regime has been able to fund its proxies to inflict substantial damage on U.S. military, allies, and international commerce. Examples include Hamas’s terrorist attack on Israel on Oct. 7, 2023, and Houthi rebels in Yemen using Iranian-supplied missiles and drones to attack civilian and military targets across the Middle East. Earlier this year, an Iranian-backed drone attack killed three U.S. service members and injured 25 others at a U.S. military base in Jordan. Recently, the Middle East narrowly avoided a full-out war due to Iran’s direct missile attack on Israel.

Prioritizing the Election over Security

It’s now evident that newfound financial resources have enabled Iran to significantly advance its nuclear program during President Biden’s first term, rendering the world less secure. More concerning, the Biden administration seems unwilling to learn from its failed policies and adapt. They appear more focused on retaining power in the upcoming election rather than preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the administration has pressured European allies to refrain from criticizing Iran’s nuclear advancements to focus on the November election. European allies express frustration, fearing the U.S. lacks a coherent strategy for Iran and is unwilling to take punitive actions against Tehran’s nuclear violations. The Journal editorial board warned that while Biden stalls until November, Tehran will continue its enrichment efforts.

Iran views Israel and the United States as mortal enemies, and its leadership may not hesitate to use nuclear weapons directly or through proxies. An Iran armed with nuclear weapons represents both the Biden administration’s greatest foreign policy blunder and a global nightmare.

Helen Raleigh
Helen Raleigh
Senior Contributor. Helen Raleigh, CFA, is an American entrepreneur, writer, and speaker. Her writings appear in other national media, including The Wall Street Journal and Fox News.

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