Biden’s Gaza Aid Pier: A Failure of Epic Proportions


The ill-conceived Gaza aid pier, conceived by President Joe Biden, has finally reached its predictable conclusion – a pathetic failure. US officials are now considering not reinstalling the pier, which was dismantled to protect it from weather and natural erosion. Despite costing at least $320 million in taxpayer dollars, the pier’s usefulness was short-lived, with its construction time exceeding its actual operating period.

Furthermore, it’s likely that the aid pouring into Gaza through the pier never actually reached the intended beneficiaries – Palestinian civilians. According to the Pentagon, last month, it was unlikely that any aid had reached civilians. Instead, it probably ended up in the stockpiles of Hamas terrorists, fueling the group’s violent activities. Biden’s plan essentially wasted taxpayer dollars to aid and abet the very terrorists responsible for Gaza’s troubles.

The entire debacle serves as a microcosm of Biden’s presidency – a perfect example of a terrible idea executed poorly, resulting in a waste of taxpayer dollars and emboldening terrorists. The project represents Biden’s ineptitude, financial recklessness, and overall incompetence, demonstrating that he is not equipped to handle the demands of the presidency.

Zachary Faria
Zachary Faria
Zachary Faria is a commentary fellow focusing on politics and sports. He previously interned for the Washington Free Beacon. He is originally from California’s San Joaquin Valley and is a graduate of Clemson University

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