Biden’s Election Ploy: Open Letter to Democrats Riddled with Misinformation and Falsehoods


In a desperate bid to salvage his flagging popularity within his own party, President Joe Biden sent an open letter to Democrats on Monday, replete with misinformation and falsehoods.

The letter’s main objective was to reaffirm Biden’s commitment to being the Democratic nominee, citing his track record and supposed electoral strength against his Republican opponent. However, his claims were riddled with inaccuracies and exaggerations.

One of the most egregious examples was his assertion that former President Donald Trump would bend to the will of oil donors in exchange for substantial campaign contributions. Biden cited a report by The New York Times, which stated that Trump promised to benefit oil companies at a roundtable event. However, there is no evidence to suggest that Trump would “do whatever they want,” as Biden claimed.

Furthermore, Biden’s own administration has been criticized for its handling of oil production. Despite claims that the US is experiencing an all-time high in oil production, prices remain high, and the administration has approved several projects that benefit oil companies.

Another lie perpetuated by Biden was his claim that Trump plans to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits. Trump has repeatedly denied this, and there is no evidence to support Biden’s assertion.

Biden also claimed that his policies have lowered costs for Americans, citing reductions in healthcare, prescription drugs, student debt, and housing costs. However, the reality is that his policies have led to cumulative inflation of 20 percent, with prices rising faster than Americans’ incomes. Grocery prices have increased by nearly one-third, and gas prices have risen by 50 percent. It now costs the average American family $12,000 more to maintain the same living standards as before Biden took office.

Gallup poll from May 2024 revealed that only 38 percent of Americans have confidence that Biden is doing the right thing for the economy. According to Reuters, the economy has been the most important issue to Americans for over ten consecutive weeks.

In conclusion, Biden’s letter to Democrats was a desperate attempt to shore up support by spreading misinformation and falsehoods. It is clear that his administration’s policies have had a negative impact on the economy, and his claims are not supported by facts.

Kamden Mulder
Kamden Mulder

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