Biden’s Double Standard: Democracy in Rhetoric, Authoritarianism in Action


On June 6, marking the 80th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy, President Joe Biden spoke about democracy and reaffirmed America’s commitment to European democracies. The media largely received his speech favorably. However, Biden’s address was infused with progressive rhetoric.

Biden sought to channel Ronald Reagan in his speech, but as Dan Quayle was no Jack Kennedy, Biden falls short of Reagan’s legacy. Biden speaks of democracy, yet his administration does not practice it. Most Democrats do not want Biden to seek a second term, recognizing he is too old. Biden disregards this core democratic principle—the will of the people.

Reagan championed free-market capitalism, a belief Biden does not share. Biden aims to transform the U.S. economic system, which has generated unprecedented wealth, into a controlled economy where the federal government controls more resources. Biden seeks to influence pricing decisions in supermarkets, accusing them of price gouging despite their 2-3% profit margins—barely profiteering levels.

Biden also desires control over the automotive industry. His mileage regulation, 65 miles per gallon by 2031, pressures manufacturers to produce more electric vehicles, even though consumers prefer internal combustion engines. Ford incurs a loss of $132,000 per electric vehicle, raising the question of whether Biden’s goal is to bankrupt Ford and facilitate government intervention. Is Biden harboring socialist intentions?

Regarding the law, Biden claims to uphold American governance principles, yet he often disregards Supreme Court decisions. He supports the legal system when it involves politically charged trials like Donald Trump’s in New York City, but he ignores the Supreme Court on student loans, immigration’s ‘major questions’ doctrine, and environmental issues.

The U.S.’s fundamental purpose is liberty.

However, as the Biden administration extends federal authority over our economic system, our liberties are curtailed. The purest form of democracy is the free market, where personal consumption choices reflect individual freedom. Biden seeks to limit this freedom by dictating our car purchases and food consumption. When Biden implicitly compares himself to Reagan in defending democracy, he reveals his hypocrisy. Reagan provided the military with the resources to win the Cold War and dismantle the Berlin Wall dividing liberty and despotism.

Biden deprives the military of necessary resources to deter threats from China, Russia, Iran, and resurgent Islamic terrorism in Africa’s Sahel region. Unlike Reagan, Biden believes in appeasement, showing leniency toward Putin, Iranian leaders, and even avoiding confrontation with Venezuela, a neighboring adversary.

Biden is not Reagan. He does not embody democratic principles nor truly believe in liberty. He is a progressive authoritarian, convinced that a few policy elites should dictate how the rest of us live.

James Rogan
James Rogan
James Rogan is a journalist who focuses on national issues in the United States, covering topics related to energy, economics, and technology. James provides analysis and commentary on current events and trends, offering insights into the impact on the economy and national security.

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