Biden’s debate performance sets off alarm bells


‘Sunday Night in America’ panelists Kim Strassel and Jose Arisitimuno discuss the criticism of President Biden’s CNN Presidential Debate performance.

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  1. Actually, Jose, I agree with you! Joe just had an off night and, as Joe Scarborough said only a short time ago, if you don’t think Biden is the sharpest he’s ever been….”F YOU!” 😏

  2. Did Jose just say "Biden flew to 3 different countries in 2 days before the debate" ?!? What is he doing on TV ? Biden spent 10 days rolled in bubble wrap with needles in both arms before the debate. TEN DAYS. This was the absolute best Biden can currently be for approximately 3 to 4 hours until the meds wears off. Thats where we are now. What Jose is doing on TV talking about this topic ?

  3. Jose you're delusional.
    1. Trump has never said he wants to deport all latinos in this country

    2. Biden DID NOT create 15M jobs. Jobs coming back from a pandemic shut down IS NOT job creation
    On top of that, we lost a ton of full time jobs during COVID and the main jobs that are back are government jobs and part time jobs

    Biden decimated this economy and you're a joke for making outrageous statements

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  5. Trump wants to introduce a 10% tax on all imports.
    MAGAS will applaud import taxes through a movement that they will call patriotic. It is not exporters to America who will pay additional customs duties but American consumers. Consumers will automatically notice an increase in prices (inflation). The 10% will therefore be a new tax. This additional tax will not affect the wealthiest because whether they spend N or N+10%, they don't care but it will first affect the poorest, an immense majority of Trump's electorate. Finally, they like to be fooled.

  6. Daft punk does not represent me or my family my parents are from Mexico they are American citizens now and I am an American citizen by birth and I vote for Trump 2024 and I don't associate with any moron that refers to themselves as Latin x or a Biden supporter that clearly shows the you are a brain-dead coward that don't stand up to what's right, the difference between Democrats and Republicans, is that Republicans will still help their enemy if they need help, but don't expect that from any Democrat scumbag.

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