Biden’s Cognitive Decline on Full Display in Devastating Debate Performance


Thursday, June 27, 2024, will forever be marked as the day of devastating revelations as President Joe Biden’s mental capacity to perform the duties of office came under withering scrutiny. Despite months of Democrats and their allies vigorously denying assertions that Biden had lost his intellectual edge, Thursday night’s presidential debate exposed the bitter truth in 90 excruciating minutes against his opponent, Donald Trump.

As the dust settled on Thursday’s debate, it is abundantly clear that Biden’s inability to think cohesively and express himself intelligently became a recurring theme throughout the evening, underscoring long-standing concerns regarding his cognitive state. Biden’s frequent pauses, confused responses, and meandering comments were no anomaly; rather, they further reinforced doubts surrounding his capacity for effective governance.

Unsurprisingly, the Biden campaign sought to sidestep scrutiny by accusing him of a persistent cough due to a cold, though this argument is as thin as the Democrat’s explanation. Such an attribution fails to adequately address myriad examples of his shortcomings, including touting false medical triumphs, misinformed responses regarding contentious social issues, or baselessly claiming to possess Border Patrol union endorsements.

Thursday night’s performances provided stark reassurance of Biden’s evident mental vulnerabilities, rendering obsolete feeble justifications that his supposed abilities transcended all preceding doubts. Critics and Democrats themselves have repeatedly belied Biden’s capabilities throughout his tenure in office.

For instance, Joe Scarborough boldly proclaimed, “President Biden is better than he’s ever been!” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas described the President as “sharp, intensely probing, detail-oriented, and focused;” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen endorsed Biden as being “at the top of his game,” and senators like Chris Murphy (D-CT) shared accounts of witnessing a “brilliant, sharp… leader in the Oval Office.” Similarly, Representative Dan Goldman (D-NY) assured the nation of Biden’s photographic memory and unmatched shrewdness, claims at odds with reality and now abandoned.

These declarations aside, revelations surrounding Biden’s lack of sharpness only bolstered calls for increased scrutiny, and subsequently, an earnest look at political candidates that deserve representation during general elections, including an overhaul of national security procedures to safeguard vulnerabilities created by this unfolding debacle. A fundamental reckoning lies at hand as American citizens become aware that national security measures are not robust, merely reactive.

One may surmise what lies beneath; will Biden or his fellow party members hide more significant issues in governance, as much as his healthcare, economic crises, or, the Border Security concerns have surfaced?

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