Biden supporters 'depressed' as Trump demolishes Dems' fundraising advantage


Fox News’ David Spunt provides details on Trump’s fundraising gains as Biden lost his advantage and the controversy over a Biden official’s previous social media posts. ‘Fox & Friends’ co-hosts react.

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  1. If anybody black watching fox, probably getting a news. Do not fall for the racist news. Donald Trump do not like black people. He went down to the poor ghetto. He never been before shame on Fox News. He never had black poor people.

  2. Shame on a woman in the middle. That's your choice. Women should have a choice over their own body. Donald Trump is a feeling he did on bad thing to other women. But yet you are preparing this orange man. You wanna fill it in the White House?

  3. PLEASE take any one of trumps "speeches" in transcript form and put it in one of those programs that evaluates that persons grade level. That should tell you everything you need to know!!!!

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