Biden States He Will Not Pardon Hunter if Convicted in Gun Case


President Biden said he would accept the outcome of the trial no matter what and would not pardon his son during an ABC interview.

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  1. Biden has been saying he won't pardon Hunter. This isn't news. Fox is just reminding everyone that Biden has a level of integrity that Trump doesn't, like when Trump pardoned all his buddies before he got fired from office.

  2. God forbid, right? I can’t stand the sick left’s piety. Why not pardon Hunter and Trump? Lower the climate. Show us you’re the unifier you claimed to be β€” which has never been demonstrated yet, btw.

  3. "No I wont pardon him, who the hell he even is?" is gonna probably be sentence we are gonna hear next time someone ask him if he's gonna pardon Hunter πŸ˜‚ And when he does pardon him he will say that " I never said anything like that" with that stern angry Joe voice, that when he almost blows over in front of camera. You all seen those times when some one ask hard question for him πŸ˜‚

  4. Yeah, HE won't technically do it, but his handlers will go pay some liberal judge somewhere to reverse the decisions.
    This "administration" really does think the American people as a whole are as dumb as their voter base.

  5. The FIX is in … When you personally CONTROL the DOJ amazing how things go your way. They HANDPICKED the DEMOCRAT jury like they did in NYC. THEY ARE ALL CRAP! You know the stuff OLD, REALLY OLD, Joe often does in his depends!!

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