Biden rips Supreme Court over bump stock ruling: ‘Never been this out of step’


President Biden blasts the Supreme Court after its bump stock ruling and Democratic Rep. Jack Auchincloss calls on Congress to outlaw bump stocks and take action on gun violence on ‘Fox News Live.’

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  1. Trump is going by the law, and the ruling of the courts. Biden is the one who flaunts the law, weaponizing it constantly. Criminals will still be able to get their hands on bumpstocks and canons.

  2. After the Trump verdict, Joey Baby told us we have to respect the judiciary… Does he realize that SCOTUS is the judiciary??

    Another hypocritical take from the Meanderer in Chief.

  3. The machinations of MAN
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    Make identity a truth of unconjugated epiphany
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    GOD first, GOD last, GOD always.

  4. As much as Democrats try to turn the Supreme Court’s into another political branch – and specifically, one that is in step with and supportive of the Democrats’ policies – that is 100% NOT the Court’s role. Neither is it within the purview of the Executive or Legislative branches to oversee the Court or grade its work, any more than it’s in the Court’s purview to oversee the President. One distinction is the President IS obligated to abide by the Court’s rulings – for example, when the Court ruled that President Biden’s so-called ‘Student Loan Forgiveness Program” was unconstitutional.

  5. So is this clown trying to say Biden is a better president than Donald Trump in terms of policy? That's the most insane thing I've ever heard. Why is this clown on Fox News

  6. The case was about nothing more than if a bump stock makes a firearm a machine gun. A machine gun is defined as that the trigger mechanism can make the gun continue to fire with one press of the trigger via mechanical action. A bump stock is little more than a spring and a piece to hold your finger in place so it can replicate close to automatic machine gun rate of fire. As it is defined, a bump stock is not a machine gun, therefore it would be unethical to rule it as such.

    This guy is mentioning 'skirting the NFA' when in fact, if the court ruled differently than they did, this would be skirting the justice system. People are scared, I get it – but go about it the legal way and get the definition of a machine gun changed if it's a big deal, and add bump stocks or the way bump sticks work into the definition, don't lie and say a spring and a stiffly held finger is a mechanical device.

    The reason gun people were up in arms over this, is because it was made up definitions. If made up definitions were allowed, before you know it, every firearm is a 'machine gun' and big brother is coming to take ALL their guns.

  7. Biden hates America and the Constitution, of course he’d hate this.

    But the way, even though admittedly it was a Trump thing it was still unconstitutional and against the 2A so good on the court for overturning it.

  8. The job of the United States Supreme Court is not to placate politicians or emotionally charged people. Their job is to take the emotion out of the case and review its constitutional merits. The path to hell has often been paved by men with good intentions. The United States Supreme Court has prevented the nation from burning in those fires more times than not. I'm also a member of the NRA.

  9. What do you expect when a sitting president gets to "appoint" a Judge for LIFE.
    A Republican will a point a Republican and conservative..
    A Democratic will a point a liberal..
    A Bump stock DOSE NOT turn the Gun it to a Machine GUN….🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    A stablelosing brace DOSE NOT tunrn the gun in to a Machine Gun🤦🏻‍♀️.
    Lets READ the 2 amendment WE GET THE RIGHT Too KEEP and BARE ARM'S ‼️
    It dose Not say WE CAN'T have a certain type‼️
    It DOSE NOT say Anything about haveing a"Permit" state or federal government issued EATHER ‼️‼️

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