Biden Reveals New Student Loan Relief Plan Amid Criticism


Republican New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu tells ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ that President Biden’s move to cancel student loans is a bad move politically.

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  1. The only disaster here for historians to remember? It will be Fox making money in this way, by dazing people who love the excitement of hatred, goading people into clicking on Fox monetized YouTube videos.

    Meanwhile, you are expected to look away from how Trump faked his way into being a 2016 candidate, and how Trump funneled middle-eastern oil billionaires into staying at his resorts (not rent free) and into plunking down insane amounts of money in casinos for Trump. The orange pooh bah is a fun and exciting entertainer, for sure, but he really only seeks presidency as a means of milking money.

    Trump needs to milk money from of everything he can, after flopping in so many failed business ventures with inherited money. He is no savior. Trump could not even "save" Truth Social from losing more than 300 million dollars. He is a brainless dweeb who could not control his Pecker, but he does have the virtue that he is fun to watch.

  2. Yeah, making people's lives more prosperous and easier isn't the job of government. Oh, wait that's EXACTLY what it's there for.
    But what does one expect from the likes of the proven liars at Fox News? Honesty?

  3. Don't you love republicans. Exploding the debt in 2017 by $1.7 trillion mostly to give tax relief to the richest families, persons and most profitable corporations in human history is fine. Giving a middle class family relief through canceling interest debt (principle already paid) is a "disaster."

  4. Hes trying to bankrupt the nation. Every 3 months the national debt rises another trillion dollars. Theres more homelessness now, ppl can't afford food or pay their credit cards. Its bad!!

  5. Why even pay taxes? All it is is wealth transfer from my pocket to their's. Ukraine, Illegal immigrants, Student Debt loans. We should keep what is ours since we don't possess the ability to just print up more money on a whim. If the Government isn't going to wipe out debt for everyone, then this is discrimination hands down. Punish only the working folks for getting jobs and who don't have college debt. Totally unfair.

  6. He seems to have a political suicide wish. What candidate with a brain who is underwater – even in the manipulated "polls' , does something like this right in the middle of a political disaster? We know the answer to that one too.

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