Biden set to visit Hunter after guilty verdict


Fox News correspondent David Spunt breaks down the latest in Hunter Biden’s federal gun case after he was found guilty on all three counts.

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  1. (Sobbing)😭😭 ..Hunter Biden was just found guilty ..(sobbing continues)😭 They are crucifying him like Jesus Christ! (Sobbing resumes)😭😭 This is obviously.. (sob😭) a political attack on Hunter. The radical right has taken this too far! (sob😭)
    It was a kangaroo court, and this jury was filled..filled with right wing conservatives, and Hunter did not get a fair trial. And if they can do this to Hunter.. (sob😭).. if they can do this to Hunter Biden they can do this to you! President Joe Biden weaponized the DOJ against Hunt- err….wait..wait that doesn't make any sense(?) 🤔

  2. Much like Trump in NY, the Biden team didn’t really put on a defense. Hunter will take his time like a man. Dems won’t threaten the judge or act like psychos.

    Unlike the right when Trump was convicted.

  3. If they will go after a sitting President’s son, then Fox News can’t push the idea of the ‘Two Tier’ political system anymore.
    How much you want to bet Hunter Biden does more time than Trump?

  4. So Biden didn’t criticize the Trump appointed judge, his family, or the jury? Pretty funny how MAGA bitches and cry’s about Biden but Trump, a man who lies to you non stop and uses your money to pay his legal fees while doing nothing for you is the guy you want leading the country 🤦🏿‍♂️.

    Amazing how stupid you sheep are.

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