Biden needs a cognitive test 'at the very minimum': Schoen


Democratic strategist Doug Schoen picks apart President Biden’s ‘gaffes’ and ‘indecision’ affecting his entire party on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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  1. My wife is 80 years old this year, she travels thousands of miles each year and can still remember the names of her family members back to four generations and she has a lot of relatives. She is Fijian, Tongan & iKiribati with a smidgen of British thrown in. She has relatives from the Marshall Islands and around the world but still remembers 90 % of their names. Joe Biden is mentally incapable to be President of the USA, every President should have a cognitive test before running.

  2. Trump: incoherent speeches centered on himself (Americans, he doesn't care). words swallowed, invented. He is unable to pronounce words of more than 2 syllables. Poverty of vocabulary. Switches from one subject to another in a disorderly manner, right in the middle of a speech: only a senile person does that!
    I'm sure you've never wondered why Fox never played Trump's speeches entirely on its airwaves. I have answers but you won't like them. Fox considers them dangerous for Trump's image and credibility. If all Fox listeners had heard the contempt Trump declared for his voters, a significant portion would have rejected Trump.
    And then Fox would suffer the same disaffection as the Trump rallies

  3. We need to understand how if they lose the house senate if Joe's forced out, or he passes, or some disaster causes him out and maybe kamela how would that work, look like as so many more democrsts, libs , donors are already turning on joe it's a matter of time god removes him one way of another as he's still in the miracle business as he exposed so much with covid lies, lockdowns globally

  4. When you have a cold, you are constantly having to wipe your runny nose. The fact they had to tell us he had a cold because we couldn't see any indication of him having one tells you all you need to know. Odd he didn't use a tissue or handkerchief once; nor did he even sneeze.

  5. This jerk has been a liar his entire political career. Now, he'd rather the American people suffer under his clown show administration than admit he's unfit to be our commander in chief. And he asks Americans to give him 4 more years of this catastrophe? FJB

  6. Just looking on this YouTube page for any reporting of the UK, French or Indian elections and not a word. I know you think the world revolves around you but no wonder your nation is possibly the most ignorant on earth when your news orgs don’t even tell you what’s happening around the world. Pathetic

  7. Never going to happen this is why him and his staff continue to skirt their questions when it’s a completely reasonable one and one that could dispel any rumors immediately the fact that they won’t do it tells us all we need to know there is no reason he can’t have a brain MRI don’t which will show if his faculties are diminished and a simple cognitive test they can’t because they know he can’t pass either he is in denial and clearly delusional you just showed the world who you really are without edits without notes and a Teleprompter or your handlers coming to rush you off stage before you take any questions they treat him like a toddler and his wife should be ashamed of herself these people are so out of touch it’s not funny 80% of the country thinks he’s too old and 80% of the country try never agrees on anything can’t wait to see him get embarrassed this fall and exposed for the lying senile failure of every single issue Americans care about it’s over nothing he can do or say

  8. When is being cognitively functional enough to run the entire country? The office of the presidency is going to be reduced to the same questions a paramedic asks.
    "What happened?, What's your name?, Do you know where you are?"….
    Here's the keys and codes!!

  9. Joey needed this done, while he was running for president in the basement.
    It’s a game, to them!
    The elites want to control at all costs.
    They don’t care about the American or the citizens.

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