Biden delivers remarks on extreme weather as Hurricane Beryl powers toward Jamaica


President Biden will receive an operational briefing before delivering public remarks on extreme weather.

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  1. I wonder if the people that knew he was coming asked for the day off — what a bunch of gross evil BS
    guess what unkie joe – the weather will change indeedy it will

  2. gotta keep that climate change agenda going. this is NORMAL considering the whole cloud seeding nonsense, which btw, insurance companies should really pay attn to all that. They're the ones flipping the bill on that issue.

  3. Man take action on the border and our national security!!! None of this that you are talking about is going to matter if you don't do something!!! Our health?! Seriously! Fix the border and save lives!!!!!!!

  4. Jamaica's weather is none of our concern. That open border is.

    On another note, is that basically more hurricane victims will relocate to America.

    It's quite clear what their climate "the thing" is.

  5. I’d be a little more concerned about the impact of nuclear war on the environment, we’ve got a least 5 countries prepared to launch nukes at any moment and we have no leadership capable of any diplomacy whatsoever to remedy the situation. The Potato needs gone NOW.

  6. Now !! After all the tornadoes and wildfires bridge wrecks and train derailments! Now ! Oh we can all be drafted and serve our country but he won’t serve his country and won’t step down !! Hell no ! There ain’t no damage control!! He drafted women to war but we can’t be president!! He won’t stand aside cause he don’t want no woman president!!! Hell no !’ Tell your dad you turned out to be a bigot !!

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