Schiff Urges Biden to Campaign on Trump’s Guilty Verdict


Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that President Joe Biden should campaign on former President Trump’s guilty verdict in the New York business records case.

Guest host Kasie Hunt asked, “Should President Biden be leaning more into this message of Donald Trump being a convicted felon?”

Schiff responded, “His competitor is a convicted felon and you can only imagine if the situation was reversed, they would be going after Joe Biden with a vengeance. They’re making those false claims about Joe Biden, regardless. So I think not only the president, but Democrats need to be making the case forcefully to American people.”

He added, “You want the country run properly, you don’t want a convicted felon to turn the Oval Office and the federal government in some kind of a racketeering operation. I think that’s a powerful case to make and certainly one supported by the verdict here.”

Pam Key
Pam Key
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