Biden Campaign Gears Up for Aggressive Debate Against Trump


Ahead of the upcoming debate with former President Donald Trump, President Joe Biden’s campaign is reportedly planning an aggressive approach, according to a campaign official. Biden’s primary goal is to prove he is capable of fulfilling presidential duties in a second term, said Allan Lichtman, a history professor at American University, in an interview with the Financial Times on Friday.

To achieve this, political analyst Charlie Cook emphasized the importance of “shaking things up” in the debates. “Debates usually don’t make a difference, but they certainly could,” Cook said. The White House declined to comment on rumors about Biden using performance-enhancing drugs for the debates, while Ron Klain, Biden’s former chief of staff, ignored Playbook’s request for comment.

According to the official, Biden intends to continue his recent trend of punching down at Trump while portraying himself as the wise and steady leader. Key topics during the debate will include Trump’s efforts to dismantle reproductive rights, promote political violence, and undermine democratic institutions, as well as his catering to billionaire donors.

Many independent voters are expected to tune in to the presidential debate for answers on Biden’s health, inflation, and open borders, following a recent focus group conducted by Reuters. The focus group featured seven men and eight women from battleground states with varying ages, party affiliations, and racial backgrounds. Nine of the individuals were previous Biden voters who are dissatisfied with his leadership, while three others were critical of Trump but did not view Biden as a viable alternative.

Wendell Husebo
Wendell Husebo
Former GOP War Room Analyst and founder of Healthy Living Magazine.

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