Biden Campaign Falsely Claims Trump Used Racial Slur; Biden Said It 15 Times


The Biden campaign is pushing a decade-old allegation that former President Donald Trump used the “N-word” on tape during filming for The Apprentice, while ignoring that President Joe Biden actually used the word during Senate hearings 15 times.

Nonetheless, the Biden-Harris campaign — which is increasingly becoming desperate as national polls show Trump ahead in swing states — sent out an email highlighting Pruitt’s piece, calling it a “bombshell report.”

As reported by Senate transcripts from 1985, Biden, while a senator, used the N-word 13 times during a series of hearings on a Reagan appointee.

Biden was questioning nominee William Reynolds on a redistricting plan he approved that included a racist quote from then-Rep. Charles Emile Bruneau (R), who had used the N-word twice. Biden repeatedly brought up Bruneau’s quote, using the N-word 13 times during the hearing.

Two other instances later surfaced where Biden was not quoting someone else.

And you say things time and again-I-don’t mean this in an argumentative sense. My point is you say if a program is to be meaningful to the community the best test is to place the responsibility on the locally elected official who will not remain in office for long if the city decides the program is not meaningful enough. Meaningful to whom? I grant they will not stay in if it is meaningful to the needy poor and it happens to infringe upon their lovely locality. They stand up in areas like mine, the area where I live – and mine is as enlightened as any other area in the country – the educational standard I think is the second highest on a county basis nationwide – and you’re going to get people standing up and saying, ‘I love my fellow man. I am concerned about his housing. But we happen to have a sewer problem here,’ or, ‘We happen to have a school problem. We happen to have six million other problems.’ And they are saying the same thing in those areas as my less educated constituency down on a particular side of the city says, ‘We don’t want no n*ggers here, boy. You understand me?’ And they are just two different ways of saying the same thing. And I have yet to see many local officials who want. to appear in the second version of ‘Profiles in Courage.’ There aren’t a whole lot of them around.

Biden also used the word in 1976 during a March 11, 1976, Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee hearing:

I’m going to say it another way I think you would agree – discrimination I’m going to say it another way I think you would agree – discrimination has become very, very sophisticated. It’s not much in vogue to be a George Wallace of the 1950’s and say we don’t like no n*ggers. You don’t say that kind of thing any more. We say we care about our black brother and we’re very concerned, while we’re doing in a surreptitious way the same thing we did when we came flat out the other way and used discriminatory language. Discrimination is harder to ferret out today, in my opinion than it ever was before because those that are in fact prejudiced have become extremely sophisticated in the way in which they can avoid the law. So that makes your job more difficult.

Biden has had a checkered history with race and making racially insensitive comments, and has also associated with and praised segregationists.

The Biden campaign is pushing the N-word hoax comes as polls show Biden is losing black support, a key Democrat voting bloc. Those polls also show Trump gaining support, particularly among black men.

Politico reported Thursday that “prominent Black officials are warning the Biden campaign that the president’s efforts to keep Black voters firmly and enthusiastically in his electoral coalition aren’t working — and that time is running out to get this message across.”

Trump recently held a rally in the Bronx, a heavily black and Hispanic neighborhood, which drew an estimated crowd of 25,000.

Kristina Wong
Kristina Wong
Pentagon Correspondent.

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