Biden and Kenyan President Ruto Hold Joint Press Conference


President Biden is joined by President William Ruto of Kenya for a joint press conference in the East Room.

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  1. Look… Biden cant even speak for himself. Watch out Kenya President, Biden and Obama ALWAYS have a bad motive behind whatever they're talking about.
    Some way some how they're going to profit from you and your country.

  2. so Biden answers a question by reading off a card, it is almost like he knew the question before lol the liberal media would not stand for that would they?

  3. Wall Street banks pushed hard for the U.S. to take over Haiti, the U.S. invaded in 1915, took over the national bank, and, as The Times wrote, “installed a puppet government, dissolved parliament at gunpoint, entrenched segregation, forced Haitians to build roads for no pay, killed protesters and rewrote the nation’s Constitution, enabling foreigners to own property for the first time since independence.”

  4. I feel bad for these other countries, but we have needs here. Quit giving our money away and help ourself. No one will help us with our crisis. Biden needs to stop bleeding this country dry.

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