Biden Administration Looks to Strengthen Ties with Social Media Influencers at Creator Economy Conference


In a surprise move, the White House will host a one-day Creator Economy Conference on August 25, marking the first event of its kind. The gathering will bring together social media personalities, industry experts, and senior administration officials to discuss pressing issues like data privacy, fair pay, AI, and mental health.

Director of the White House Office of Digital Strategy, Christian Tom, made the announcement on stage at VidCon on Friday. Tom emphasized that the conference aims to strengthen the administration’s ties with creators, highlighting their economic and cultural impact.

The White House has long acknowledged the significant role social media influencers play in shaping public opinion, using them to spread messages about major issues like the COVID-19 vaccines and the war in Ukraine. According to Pew Research, over half of US adults rely on social media for news updates, making these creators an invaluable platform for politicians.

In preparation for the upcoming election, the conference could not be more timely, coming just over three months before Election Day. The Office of Digital Strategy’s focus on the creator economy may signal a willingness to engage with this demographic and understand the challenges they face, such as AI-powered mental health issues.

The mainstage discussions and smaller breakout sessions will take place throughout the day, covering topics central to the creator economy. Despite the White House’s efforts to regulate platforms like TikTok, the Biden administration is keen to utilize these social media channels to spread its message.

Former president Donald Trump has also announced plans to use social media to rally support for his reelection campaign. Trump’s administration had also used creators to spread propaganda, and this latest development suggests a trend of politicians and campaigns relying heavily on social media as a key campaigning tool.

Amanda Silberling
Amanda Silberling
Amanda Silberling covers social media and consumer tech. She has written about internet culture for Polygon, MTV, Business Insider, NPR, and the AV Club, and she co-hosts Wow If True, a podcast about going viral. Previously, she was a grassroots organizer, museum educator, and film festival coordinator. Based in Philadelphia, she holds a B.A. in English from the University of Pennsylvania.

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