Biden Administration Criticized for Installing Only 8 EV Charging Stations After $7.5 Billion Investment


The ‘Fox & Friends’ co-hosts discussed why the Biden administration is facing scrutiny for slow EV charger production.

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  1. The money was already spent on something else . The public people are supposed to be stupid and believe they already have them built. That's a Democrat for you lies lies lies

  2. You people don't actually fall for this lazy dishonest nonsense do you? Pete says in the cherry picked clip that EV infrastructure will be built over next decade. And these clowns are ripping them for not having them built immediately? So dishonest, they really think you guys are idiots.

  3. The Biden administration doesn't want to help Tesla…..The other EV manufacturers can't build an EV without losing money right now….That's my conspiracy theory…lol That and they are still building an Ivory building to house all the federal bureaucrats that they are hiring. They may have about 10% left for building chargers…sad

  4. A decent sized location with charging stations can use as much electricity as a small city. That is the problem. The electric companies need to expand to be able to support them. When that is done, then you start building them. Those 8 locations probably were the only ones possible due to available electrical grid capacity. The only way to do this is with expanded nuclear using the new, small reactors that are fueled from existing nuclear waste and cannot melt down. These are types of reactors used in nuclear vessels and are drastically different than the huge nuclear plants that exist in the US today. It is the cleanest energy that can be rolled out quick enough to meet capacity requirements.

  5. I, a taxpayer, want a line by line list of expenses and allocations for that 7.5 BILLION DOLLARS!!!!! Then an arrest for theft wnd larceny of ALL that benefited from this miserable waste of funds!!!!!!

  6. They should not build more than 7 EV charging stations because nobody is buying EVs. Claw that money back and put it towards fully funding Social Security for our seniors. While you're at it claw back the trillions wasted on the green new scam.

  7. Are you serious ? Well that means the Biden regime were never serious about the use of EV"s in the first place. Building 8 charging places in the U.S. in two years. I feel sorry for the suckers that fell for this scam and bought EV"s.

  8. The idea that this could be enacted this quickly makes no sense given the beurocratic processes that go into making EV chargers. And the transformers that need to be replaced in order to do so. That's pretty laughable.

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