Berlin Police Chief Attributes Violent Crime Wave to Young Foreign Males


Berlin’s police chief, Slowik, has revealed that young foreign males are driving the violence in the German capital, with non-German suspects overrepresented in recent violent crime statistics.

According to Slowik, the police data shows that the violence in Berlin is predominantly committed by young men with non-German backgrounds. She attributed this to a decline in respect among certain parts of the population, with officers reporting a significant drop in the threshold for attacking police officers, even if it’s just through shoving.

Slowik’s comments come after a series of high-profile stabbings carried out by Afghan migrants in recent weeks. The most recent incident involved an Afghan migrant who stabbed a fellow Afghan to death and wounded three others.

Last year saw a significant increase in violent crime among foreigners, with 79,088 suspected violent criminals being non-Germans in 2023, a 14% rise from the 69,086 non-Germans suspected of violent crime in 2022.

The Welt am Sontag newspaper commented on the rise of violent crime among foreign populations in Germany, stating that “many people’s sense of security has deteriorated” due to the shocking incidents. The paper noted that the attackers were people who had fled war zones and found a new home in Germany, only to become a threat to public safety.

Kurt Zindulka
Kurt Zindulka
Deputy Editor.

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