BELIEVE ME NOW?: Nikki Haley takes victory lap over liberal journalist


Fox News contributor Joe Concha on President Biden’s upcoming interview with George Stephanopoulos, Democrats’ post-debate panic and Nikki Haley’s claim from last year that Biden will not finish his first term.

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  1. George Steponallofus has been a propagandist ever since the Clinton abomination, er, administration. I wish he would just go room up with Gollum… um, I mean James Carville.

  2. Just me, but I suspect the media is and will not be kind to Biden going forward, and that includes upcoming debates… this has to be walked out, because the people who voted for him can't unsee this… at this point, he's going to have to have millions of fake votes to win…

  3. Did everyone forget that we've been talking about Biden's congative decline since before taking office? Many of us were commenting and saying that Kamala will be installed to replace Biden sometime during his term, due to his cognative decline. This was all the way back in 2020!!

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