‘BANANA REPUBLIC’: Americans React to Shocking Conviction of Trump in New York Trial


People in cities throughout the United States shared their thoughts on how the trial verdict may impact former President Donald Trump.

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  1. That's what Black Americans suffered, a mistermenor turned into 34 felonies and life in Prison. Any Black American applauding this needs to wake up because Joe Biden did this to Black Americans for decades.

  2. The cult of Trump is dependent upon normally sensible people drinking the snake oil salesman’s elixir of life that merely lines the faux patriot's pockets.

  3. Some of those opposing Trump don't follow the real news but fans of the woke leftist democratic media! what a shame they don't see any issues with old Joe and his destructive policies

  4. Trump has more than 3 million fans in just one day when he settled in TikTok, while Joe Biden has only 300000 fans in a few months. It is obvious that Joe Biden lacks charm and is an unpopular president. People all over the world like Trump😂😂😂

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