“Hairless Goblin” Carville Criticizes Fellow Dems: Gutfeld


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld and guests discuss how Democratic strategist James Carville was attacking the party’s messaging to voters on ‘Gutfeld!’

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  1. Why doesnt this generation know this? Carville and his Rep. wife were quite the controversial couple with their relationship and marriage during the Reagan administration. They made a HUGE point about their work briefcases being locked while they shared a bedroom. Yeah, like briefcase locks can't be jimmied. Research, people!! That was only 40 + years ago!!!

  2. Fox News paid $1.75 bn for their lies to America and there are more cases coming to trial soon! Hopefully they fire Hannity and Watters and Gutt this time like The squirrelly little nerd

  3. It might be a good plan for Greg/FOX to put the Democrat fascist talking heads on his show to have them openly state how bad things are in America because of Joe Biden and the Democrat party yet say they will still vote for Joe Biden…again.
    The definition of crazy.

  4. Old Joe😠
    Mr THREE STRIKES(felonies),
    LIFE SENTEN😳E! But whole time he was a corrupt racist and never stopped. Democrats held him off long as they could, now he's under control from promise and bribes, starting with the Chinese government.

  5. Gloom , Doom, Dictator Biden! FJB message, all about sending our money to protect other countries borders while we have our borders open 24/7 and all of America being invaded ! Seriously how is he still in office?! Make Americans Day and Debate 🤣
    Trump 2024 MAGA and Free Again🙏💪🇺🇸

  6. James Carville said it all out loud! "Messaging" is all the substance Democrats have to offer.
    Black Americans first started voting for Democrats of their own freewill during a time of FDR's Great Depression economic situation. He offered jobs and messaging and when the jobs ran out, all that was left was the messaging.

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