Serial Killer Rex Heuermann’s Kids Accept Charges, Lawyer Says


Serial Killer Rex Heuermann’s children’s attorney, Vess Mitev, stated that they have accepted their father’s charges and are aware of the ongoing legal process.

Heuermann’s adult children, Victoria Heuermann and Christoper Sheridan, are described as “unfortunate bystanders” by Mitev in the accusations against their father for allegedly planning and executing six murders meticulously.

It was emphasized by Mitev that Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond Tierney has clarified that the allegations have no connection to his clients, who recognize that their ordeal is not yet finished.

Mitev stated, “This is a grim marathon. They’re here for it. It’s not a sprint. They know that. They’ve come to grips with that. If it takes 30 years to commit these acts, it’s not going to be resolved in 30 months.”

He added, “They are standing tall in the face of searing adversity. If this had happened to you, or me, or anyone we know, I think we would have crumbled into sawdust by now.”

“Just trying the best they can, putting one foot in front of the other and trying to pick up the pieces as they’re simultaneously being torn down. That’s their life. That’s their existence,” he concluded.

Rich Johnson
Rich Johnson
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