Attorney Claims the Left Has Suddenly Abandoned Their Criminal Justice Reforms


Attorney Paul Mauro reveals new findings about Judge Merchan as Trump’s criminal trial heads for jury deliberations.

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  1. Will NYC throw the constitution under the bus if they do were done we will be under the rule of there law control of there law where your rites dosnt matter like china we will be told what we can and cannot do freedom is dieing if we dont save our freedom now kiss our constitution good by😊

  2. Trump added 150 lobbyist to fed. John Bolton to NSA. Big Pharma to run our FDA! Colluded with Biden on Ukraine. Operation warp speed. Added 8 trillion to debt. Lockdowns.Millions of businesses wiped Out. Boeing exec and Mark Esper/Raytheon as Sec of defense. Trump bombed Syria, killed an Iranian general,failed to fulfill promise of ending war in Afghanistan.locked down the country. supposed support for farmers-28 billion went to big AG. RFK for real change. No two party system

  3. If he is innocent- The evidence will show that… Right?
    Since he couldn't be bothered to truthfully state his innocence… he is depending on the evidence.

    He chose instead that he could not trust the words coming out of his own mouth.
    Looks suspicious folks.

  4. the sl@ve state came for me no one was there so don't actually care they can continue to steal everyone else's freedoms as they stole mine that's what happens when you don't defend every citizen and laugh as the slave state makes them slaves the slaves then don't care and there is over 4+ million slaves you all laughed at so f everyone else's freedoms it's karma in my view

  5. You say that the left doesn't care. What about Melania and Ivanka? Why are they not by Trump's side? If they think Trump is innocent why aren't they there to support Trump? Maybe they know something that you Fox reporters and anchors don't.

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