Apple’s Talks with Meta on AI Integration Screeched to a Halt Over Privacy Concerns


Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has contradicted reports from the Wall Street Journal that Apple and Meta were in talks to integrate the latter’s AI models. According to Gurman, Apple was indeed engaged in talks with Meta in March, exploring the possibility of integrating their AI models with their devices.

However, the talks ultimately came to a halt due to Apple’s concerns about privacy. The company had been speaking with multiple firms about integrating their models, but ultimately decided against partnering with Meta, citing the social networking giant’s troubled privacy record.

Meta’s AI models were not meant to be directly integrated with millions of devices, but instead would rely on its own apps, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Messenger, which have billions of users worldwide. The company recently released its Meta AI chatbot to users in India, its largest market.

Apple, meanwhile, has been working on its own AI features under the Apple Intelligence brand, and has announced a partnership with OpenAI to enable iPhone users to access ChatGPT for specific queries. The company has also confirmed plans to work with Google to deploy Gemini at its Worldwide Developer Conference. While Apple remains open to integrating different AI models with its devices, Meta’s chances of direct integration appear to be dwindling.

Ivan Mehta
Ivan Mehta
Ivan covers global consumer tech developments. He is based out of India and has previously worked at publications including Huffington Post and The Next Web.

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