Apple’s Generative AI May Not Work on iPhone 15


Apple is gearing up to join the generative AI revolution at the upcoming World Wide Developer Conference. Reports indicate a collaboration with OpenAI, which aims, among other goals, to significantly enhance Siri.

A new batch of rumors shared by Bloomberg offers more insights into the announcements anticipated for Monday’s 10 a.m. PT keynote. Firstly, the name: Apple Intelligence. It’s evident the company is keen on preserving the AI initials for its venture into the large language model (LLM) domain.

This name seems to represent a broader initiative that might include the OpenAI partnership and a resultant chatbot. Apple Intelligence will be rolled out as an opt-in beta, akin to the developer-centric operating system updates that Apple releases post-WWDC. The system is expected to be available on new versions of the iPhone, iPad, and Macs.

Reportedly, a select few older devices will also support the system, such as iPads and Macs with an M1 chip or higher, and the iPhone 15 Pro. This implies that the standard iPhone 15 might not be compatible.

Initially, Apple Intelligence will prioritize enhancing existing applications. This includes features like page summarizations in Safari and notification summaries. As previously mentioned, Siri will receive substantial updates in 2024, with added functionalities such as voice-activated photo editing. It appears that Apple’s major AI effort is more focused on improving the intuitiveness and user-friendliness of its operating system than on flashy new features.

Despite the reported hardware constraints, the system will not function solely on-device. Instead, it will utilize a combination of local and cloud-based processes, depending on the complexity of the task.

Brian Heater
Brian Heater
Hardware Editor. Brian has worked for a number of leading tech publications, including Engadget, PCMag, Laptop, and Tech Times, where he served as the Managing Editor. His writing has appeared in Spin, Wired, Playboy, Entertainment Weekly, The Onion, Boing Boing, Publishers Weekly, The Daily Beast and various other publications. He has also appeared as a regular NPR contributor.

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