AOC Claps Back at Trump Over Bronx Rally: Accuses Him of Seeking Funds for Legal Fees


FOX Business anchor Charles Payne joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss his reaction to AOC’s criticism of Trump’s rally in the Bronx and the implications of Biden’s latest student loan handout.

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  1. Trump can campaign all he likes , AOC is a joke , Can't wait to have Biden the dictator traitor from out Our WH and that Trump come back to his rightful postion as President .

  2. AOC should have an ankle braclet around her mouth! She has no accomplishment in Congress except for being a verbal tyrant and being a divisive force! I sure hope that the people in her district wake up and vote her out and elect someone that has their welfare in mind!

  3. She is so clueless! She is so stupid that she thinks by wearing glasses on her head it’ll make her smart! She is totally false when she says that he is coming to the Bronx in order to raise money to pay his legal fees. The man was going to pay his billion dollars fine with cash. He doesn’t need the handouts or the money from the people who live in the Bronx. They need to keep their money and he wants them to keep their money in order to survive because of your horrible backing of horrible policies and let’s not forget AOC how you let the Amazon jobs slipt right through your constituents fingers. Your glasses would be better worn on your behind. she wants to talk being a disgrace maybe she needs to look at the video of the disgraceful behavior she and Marjorie Taylor Greene, and that other Crocker person displayed in the house of representatives. She is so quick to point out how everybody else is behavior is disgraceful, and she thinks by talking condescendingly and patronizingly to people that that somehow makes her better than everybody else.

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