AOC and Bernie Lead Opposition to Netanyahu’s Congressional Address


Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, reacts to progressive Democrats’ opposition to Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming congressional address and offers her thoughts on the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

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  1. I think AOC is speaking out of her depth as usual take a look at the district that you represent. It is in shambles crime. The people you represent clearly say that you have abandoned them. Why don’t you worry about the things that you should be doing? No one cares about your idiotic uneducated opinions, all you are is a squawk box all you care about is your voice on your social media in your platform for your communist socialist agenda why don’t you just go away? Why don’t you go to China? Why don’t you find some nice communist country since you love it so much, but really the United States doesn’t think very much of you at all just loudmouth adolescent bye-bye.

  2. Want to know how much it costs to deploy two carrier groups per hour on 24/7 deployment to commit WAR-CRIMES in the Middle East; helped by its ally henchmen the Yids? Enough to house all the homeless people in Chicago with money left over for a bar-b-que.

  3. Has the element lead in very small amounts been known to be poisonous for 2,000 years; yes or no Klanhoe? Yes! Is poisoning with lead, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury from living within 40 miles of a closed or operating aluminum or steel smelter the reason its intelligence-quotient has fallen to #45? Yes!! And poisoning with PCBs, BPA, pesticides, the estrogen from birth control pills in the water supply, and the estrogen released by the millions of tons of plastic in the oceans; the reason its sperm-count is ZERO? Yes!!! Which is why it is a chemically-feminized MANgina eunuch coward that refuses to protect its disgustingly WASP-skinned genetically-inferior family. From extinction by the year 2060 due to its greenhouse emissions causing the global-warming-refugees [GWR] at the southern border and within America? Yes!!!

  4. I really don’t care if you agree or disagree with me that’s my opinion and I have the right to say my opinion and if you can’t see for the Democrats for what they are you’re as crazy as they are open your eyes

  5. FDJT is a pathological-liar that rejects the evidence of runaway-AGW extinction by the year 2060 all around it due to its greenhouse g@s emissions causing the global-warming-refugees [GWR] at the border; fleeing the illegal war-crimes-wars the USA has waged since 1953 in Central America and South America. The incompetent creator of the TrumpBola-Virus-PanDUMBic [TVP] that lead to the unnecessary de@ths of 450,000 Americans and inflation causing supply chain disruptions. The ignorant orange yam that believes bleach gives wind-turbines c@ncer and that wind-turbines causes whales to beach themselves.

  6. Have you not seen the children that were starved? Have you no knowledge of the millions of videos that show physicians and the people from the press? The West is not always right.

  7. Our army will never be the same because all the transgenders among them all them them it's or what I don't know what to call them except crazy Lord help us all President Biden don't get us in the war Trump 2024

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