Any Impartial American Jury Would Recognize the True Nature of This Trial: Will Scharf


Trump attorney and Missouri attorney general candidate Will Scharf shares his take on the criminal trial against former President Trump in New York.

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  1. If there is any justice left in the American public Trump will be acquitted tomorrow before lunch.
    If not, NYC has a Dumpster Fire on their hands.
    Hey NYC, hows your tourism doing in this Clown Car show?
    You started it with the Cuomo brothers, who by the way had their own legal issues, and will end with the NYC DOJ, Bragg, James, Judges. Will the last legal rep of NYC with ANY ethics left turn out the light when they leave.

  2. These politicians has sold America to Israel lobby and destroyed it. trillions in debt over Middle East wars, IRAQ war was completely for ISRAEL. 100s of thousands of Americans sacrificed.

  3. With a prosecution case this devastating, the only defence tactic is to attack the judge and jury. When they deliver the guilty verdict, they'll all require police protection.

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