Anticipating the Closing Arguments in NY v. Trump


Legal experts Tom Dupree and Andrew Cherkasky discuss NY v. Trump entering its final stages on ‘Sunday Night in America.’

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  1. Lawrence Taylor convicted rapist.
    Chef G convicted murderer
    Tim Scott still yet to come out.
    Bob Costello idiot's testimony convicted Trump
    Steve Bannon in prison
    Sydney Powell turned state's witness against Trump
    60 losses in federal and state courts re election interference
    Russian state election interference
    Russian bank loans to Trump
    Chinese patents to Trump
    Saudi Arabian payments to Trump
    Stealing top secret documents.
    Want more lol

  2. The evidence is overwhelming so a conviction of the disgraced former President is highly likely. The narrative where Trump paints himself as a victim just made him look weak and only fooled the dimmest Americans.

  3. There are videos everywhere that Stormy admitted verbally and I writing that Trump did nothing, it's just election interference to make Trump looks bad. Good try democRats but you are not smart!

  4. at the meeting with the libertiarians he was booed during the entire speech and only chants were raised against him as a "hypocrite" "hypocrite" but FAKEFOXNEWS didn't say a word!! GREAT JOURNALISM!!

  5. I don't think it's down to Michael Cohen- all the witnesses- (REPUBLICANS) confirmed what he said on the witness stand… do you explain that? Like Trump even denies he slept with Stormy Daniels… HELLO? How stupid do you think people are? Amazing how an innocent man won't defend himself by taking the stand. If I was innocent I sure would be up on the stand and talk to the Jury and pled my innocence!

  6. such spin…Trump’s lawyers did not rule out calling Smith despite Merchan’s ruling. The judge said he wanted to see in writing the likely testimony before that happens.But the judge said he’d be restricted to the basics of the FEC and to “general definitions and terms” in campaign finance law, like what counts as a contribution or expenditure.
    Trump’s defense wants Smith to testify about the FEC’s policy that expenses that exist “irrespective” of a candidacy are not deemed to be campaign expenditures — evidently as part of an argument that the hush money payment to Stormy Daniels wasn’t campaign-related under federal law…..seems like they were. they sure were not legal fees.

  7. I believe Trump, a witchhunt, deliberately to put Trump in irons to prevent him running for the Republicans, but truth be known it may just backfire.
    I like to back the underdog, you get better olds.

  8. Let's be clear, if Trump is found not guilty of the felony, the misdemeanors shouldn't stand because they are out of statute and are only useable if directly connected to the felony that waives the statute of limitations. I'm not legal boffin, but if you can take an out-of-statute misdemeanor and connect it to an unproven felony to revive it, you should ALWAYS have to prove that felony FIRST before the misdemeanors can be considered.

    The prosecution's argument is that the misdemeanor by virtue of them claiming connects to a felony makes the statute of limitations void and the misdemeanors can stand on their own, which is total trash. Without the felony the misdemeanors couldn't exist.

  9. As a hardcore Republican, it’s so difficult to understand why people are so supportive of a RINO. Is it not clear that Trump is the number one RINO? No wall, huge deficit, trans in his beauty pageants. No one who cares about Republican ideals votes for Trump.

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