‘Another 1929’: Trump Issues Stark Warning on Potential Consequences of Biden’s Second Term


“Fox & Friends Weekend” hosts Rachel Campos-Duffy, Pete Hegseth, and Will Cain interview former President Donald Trump.

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  1. Trump tried to close all flights from China and was called by Biden and Nancy Pelosi a " germ a phobic " and got called by them for blaming China…which turned out to be true. It was when Biden was sworn in when things went to hell.

  2. Lie 1, he did not win every debate in 2016. Lie 2, he did not have the best economy. Lie 3, America is still energy independent. Lie 4, it will not be like 1929 if Trump does not win.

  3. Hey Fox, dare you to have ex Trump lawyer Joe Tacopina on your channel. He is on the record as saying that the MAGA GOP conspiracy about Biden and the DOJ being responsible for the indictments and felony convictions is complete and utter BS.

  4. Democrats you want Trump found guilty for having documents
    Hur found that Biden was guilty of taking, holding and sharing sensitive government documents.
    Pick one… either Biden is mentally not capable of standing trial OR he is and should be charged because his taking, holding and sharing those documents as a senator, a VP and a citizen is a Federal Crime… a FELONY

  5. Just as Donald didn't care about those who got in trouble for supporting his will to attack the very government that he promised to protect and honor when he became President … Donald will not take responsibility for his own nasty behavior now.

    Donald could protect his angry followers from their own anger … by admitting that HE was wrong … and that his own behavior is the reason he has a guilty verdict in the court. But he WON'T … because he doesn't CARE how much his idolizing followers are suffering for being incarcerated … some of them for years.

    It's ALL about "THE DONALD."

    What a selfish man.

  6. Created the greatest economy in history and defeating isis are both lies. Biden closed ANWR because he cares about the environment whereas trump got rid of probably at least 70 environmental regulations (numbers vary) and wants 1 billion dollars from oil companies so they can cause more pollution and more climate change.The process of getting permits for those refineries was underway when he took office.

  7. Why does Fox give this demagogue any air time. All about the Benjamins, right? Trump 2024 for more division, more chaos, more dysfunction. Is that what this country has become, a "reality" tv horror show? Thanks to the American justice system and the rule of law, and God bless America!

  8. The Republican party should pick another candidate. What do you mean cut the department of education?? They want people to be stupid so they vote for him until Kingdom come.

  9. Millions and millions more Americans have jobs under president Biden. Under president Biden America is producing more oil than ever before, even more than under Convicted Felon Trump. Biden passed a bill to fund infrastructure projects all aroundd the country, that Convicted Felon Trump just talked and talked about. THOSE ARE FACTS!

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