Angel Reese Criticizes Media Handling and Referee Calls After Recent Game


Angel Reese believes she’s being unfairly penalized during games and also thinks the media is “twisting her words.” When asked about her reluctance to answer certain questions, Reese clarified that she doesn’t trust the media. However, she didn’t specify which words she felt were being twisted or provide context for her statement.

Reese has previously accused referees of playing favorites, stating that they have a “special whistle” for Caitlin Clark. Her comments came after a post-game press conference on Sunday, where she expressed her frustration with the officiating.

While Reese has collected five personal fouls in six of Chicago’s 13 games this year, she has only played Clark twice. This suggests that her frequent penalization cannot be solely attributed to Clark’s “special whistle.” Reese has also stated that she’s proud of her teammates and will do whatever it takes to win, despite the officials’ decisions.

Reese has claimed she’s comfortable being the “bad guy,” stating that she’ll take on that role for her teammates and be remembered as a key figure in the growth of women’s basketball. However, her refusal to answer questions raises doubts about her comfort level with being the villain. The NBA’s Draymond Green, known for his outspoken nature, has never shrunk from the microphone. Is Reese truly comfortable being the “bad guy” or is she using it as a defensive mechanism?

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