Amazon Prime Reverses Decision to Remove “Born to Kill” on “Full Metal Jacket” Poster


Amazon Prime has reversed its decision to remove the phrase “Born to Kill” from the main menu poster for Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, following a backlash. The original poster, which featured the phrase on a soldier’s helmet, was removed from the streaming platform’s main menu. However, actor Matthew Modine, who starred in the film, shared a screenshot of the poster on Twitter, highlighting the change. Modine paired the screenshot with the original poster, which still featured the phrase.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. has asked Amazon to restore the original poster. The streaming platform has since replaced the poster with a still from the movie. The controversy comes as the film industry continues to grapple with the impact of streaming services on the preservation of physical media.

Last year, director Christopher Nolan advocated for the importance of physical media, stating that people should buy films on Blu-ray or DVD to prevent them from being “stolen” by streaming services. Nolan’s comments were echoed by director Mike Flanagan, who criticized Netflix for being “hostile” to the idea of physical media.

Flanagan, who has worked with Netflix on several projects, expressed concerns about the impact of streaming services on film preservation. He stated that companies like Netflix prioritize subscription numbers over the preservation of physical media, and that this approach can cause harm to the concept of film preservation.

Paul Bois
Paul Bois
Paul Bois began working as a writer in 2013 when Ben Shapiro hired him on at his first website, He has written thousands of news articles on a variety of topics, from current events to pop-cultural trends.

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