‘Gutfeld!’: Alec Baldwin’s shooting something new


‘Gutfeld!’ panelists discuss Alec Baldwin and his wife announcing their new family reality show on TLC.

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    Democrats seem like 1940s Germany

  2. If somebody had told me 10 years ago that someone who clearly wants to be a dictator would have a 50% chance of winning a presidential election, I would have said they are out of their freaking minds.

  3. Elise Stefanik is the new water girl for the Orange Man. She proudly replaces Marjorie Traitor Green.
    She was brought unto the brief of discrediting Judge Engoron only after the brief was written.  Her other accomplishments;
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    –One of the Leaders of President Biden Fake Impeachment
    –Said that affirmative action is preferential treatment.  However, loves and kept Legacy applications (whites) which by nature is preferential treatment.
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    –She is a STRONG supporter of LYING George Santos
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