35 States and Territories to Receive SNAP Benefits Next Week


On Saturday, June 1, 35 states and territories will begin to distribute their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits to eligible residents.

SNAP benefits provide financial aid to low and no-income households for grocery purchases. Households qualify if their net monthly income is at or below 100% of the federal poverty level, and benefits are typically granted over a 12-month period. These funds are loaded onto electronic benefit transfer cards and can be used at participating stores such as Walmart and Costco.

While 35 states and territories will commence benefits on June 1, some residents in these states, like Florida, may not receive their benefits until June 28. Each state handles and distributes the benefits differently—some make payments based on a claimant’s number, while others do so according to the first letter of their last name. Smaller states might issue all SNAP payments on the same day.

In April 2023, 12.5% of the U.S. population received SNAP benefits. The 2024 Farm Bill aims to extend SNAP benefits to convicted drug felons and allow incarcerated individuals to apply within 30 days of their release from prison.

Here’s a list of states and territories that will start sending to recipients on June 1:

Alaska: June 1

Arizona: June 1 to 13

California: June 1 to 10

Colorado: June 1 to 10

Connecticut: June 1 to 3

District of Columbia: June 1 to 10

Florida: June 1 to 28

Guam: June 1 to 10

Idaho: June 1 to 10

Illinois: June 1 to 20

Iowa: June 1 to 10

Kansas: June 1 to 10

Kentucky: June 1 to 19

Louisiana: June 1 to 23

Massachusetts: June 1 to 14

Missouri: June 1 to 22

Nebraska: June 1 to 5

Nevada: June 1 to 10

New Jersey: June 1 to 5

New Mexico: June 1 to 20

New York: June 1 to 9

North Dakota: June 1

Oklahoma: June 1 to 10

Oregon: June 1 to 9

Rhode Island: June 1

South Carolina: June 1 to 19

Tennessee: June 1 to 20

Texas: June 1 to 28

Virgin Islands: June 1

Vermont: June 1

Virginia: June 1 to 7

Washington: June 1 to 20

West Virginia: June 1 to 9

Wisconsin: June 1 to 15

Wyoming: June 1 to 4

Elaine Mallon
Elaine Mallon
Breaking news reporter.

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