2024 election will be an ‘epic rematch’: Patrick Murphy


Former Pennsylvania congressman Patrick Murphy joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss President Biden fundraising millions from Hollywood gala.

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  1. I was almost hooked on Patrick’s statement about economy but the fact that he used Covid era stats to paint a poor economy for Trump… that’s just intentionally attempting to deceive the audience. Zero character. Pure lies at best SMDH

  2. Its all about weather or not if they can complete the ballot dump in the middle of the night. Also like in 2020 the ballot machines are connected to the internet witch is ileagal

  3. Opinion, unless the voting practice is fixed, repaired, or correct to the constitution. Biden can return to his basement and win. The wild and appears card floating is Biden causing war with Russia and remains in office. Yes, Biden Gonna pumped the economy before the election.

  4. I like how he mentions inflation without mentioning that Biden caused the 9% inflation lol this dude is in such denial is crazy and no black unemployment was lower under Donald Trump actually most of the jobs that Joe Biden supposedly created. He did not those are jobs that people came back to after Covid.

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